What is Bondit?


Bondit is a class scheduling and socializing application. In Bondit, you can easily add & check your courses and communicate with classmates. In Bondit, you can easily search and add your courses on your weekly calendar.

Who can use Bondit?


Only verified college students can use Bondit. Users must receive verification through their college email or college certification.

Is Bondit a secure app?


Yes, we are a secure app. Our corporation is officially based in Delaware and has received angel funds from well-known investors/institutions.

Is it safe to share my location?


Mandatory verification of student status through the university email address guarantees Bondit’s safety & security. You may turn off your location at any moment of your choice. All of your personal data will be encoded and your personal data will NOT be overused.

How can I give feedback on the app?


You can text Bondit by clicking on the top of your message box or send us an email at manager@bondit.io.

How can I delete my account?


Send us an email at manager@bondit.io. You account will be deleted within 3 days.

Still have questions? Email us at manager@bondit.io